I often get feedback from moms who love their mission trackers. They let me know how they use the Tracker and how to connect it with the scrapbook they are making to memorialize their son’s or daughter’s mission.


One of the common ideas is to coordinate the background paper of each section of the scrapbook to the Area Card and pin colors. For instance, since Area 1 is red, you can use red tones for each page of the section where you include letters, emails, and photos of your
missionary while they are in their first area.

If you want more variety, simply use red for the introductory page for that area. When they move to a new area, place the old Area Card in the scrapbook to keep everything together. Continue this theme throughout the mission so that your missionary can easily check out the mission map to see where they were as they look through the scrapbook.

You can keep everything coordinated by coloring the missionary calendar squares with a colored pencil that matches the area while your missionary is serving there. Just remember not to mark the calendar for a few days around transfer week so that you won’t have to try to erase the color if your missionary gets transferred between emails or letters.