Here at Mission Tracker, we get the privilege of creating missionary wall plaques for young men and women who have decided to put their life on hold and serve the Lord. Since the mission age was recently changed back in October, we have been busier than ever creating mission trackers due to the noticeable surge in missionary calls.

I’ve had discussions with many people about the age change which is now 18 years old for boys, and 19 years old for girls, as long as they have graduated from high school or the equivalent. This change gives young people more freedom to plan their life post high school and eliminates the waiting period that many of these youngsters experience when high school ends to go on a mission.

My son, who served in the Minneapolis Minnesota Mission back in 2002, recently discussed with me how much better it would have been for him to have been able to leave on his mission right when high school ended, instead of having to wait around for 6 months until being able to serve. With the new rule change, less waiting will be endured by those that are ready to go and serve the Lord.

While we would recommend ordering a Mission Tracker shortly after your missionary gets their call, it is never too late to order one. We have clients all of the time order a LDS missionary wall plaque for someone who has already returned from a mission, but never got a missionary plaque while they were serving. I even have a mom who got one for her husband after getting one for her son who was serving so she could display them side by side. No matter what the reason is, a Mission Tracker is always stylish and better matches any wall than any other missionary plaque on the market.

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