Flag of the country of Ghana, AfricaPeople have been happy about the expansion of the Provo, Utah LDS Mission Training Center. Many of you will have taken the opportunity by now to tour the new MTC. The updated, modern facility is where new missionaries will spend time preparing to depart for various assignments worldwide.

We also found the news that the church has completed the new LDS training facility in Ghana, Africa, very exciting. This structure, next to the Accra, Ghana LDS Temple, is much larger than Ghana’s former MTC. It will accommodate 320 missionaries and has the capability of future expansion for another 500 missionaries. The previous training center could only house ninety people, so this improvement will allow many more prospective missionaries to accept a call. Wouldn’t you love to walk through the MTC in that colorful country?

The new Ghana facility is modeled to a large extent after the Provo MTC. It shares similar-style artwork and color schemes, and large windows that allow natural light and beautiful views of nature to flood the classrooms. With the number of MTC’s worldwide swelling to fifteen, multitudes of missionaries can train in a wide variety of languages and cultures. What a change from 30 years ago when the Provo MTC was handling all outgoing missionaries single-handedly!

We hope that whether your child, your older parents, or even you, yourself have accepted a call, that you will enjoy using one of our LDS Mission Trackers, featuring a colorful mission map to help keep track of transfers and areas served. It’s an excellent way of following newly-called missionaries as they serve throughout the world.