Well, when the press conference was held to announce that Russell M. Nelson would be our new prophet, some one commented that though he was “older” (at the time, 90 years), just try to keep up with him! Breathless yet? Still skiing, fishing and with a posterity of nearly 200

Changing the Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching program to the Ministering brothers and sisters program, instituting a Sunday council-style class, then revoking it, then launched the Come Follow Me program and had us shorten Sunday meetings by one hour as part of the new family-centered church-supported church model. The name is no longer the Mormon Church, but the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This change was made also for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, now the Choir at Temple Square.

Perhaps as parents of missionaries, you were impacted by the changes to female mission attire, which will now include slacks in some situations. In addition, maybe some of you are enjoying speaking to, or even doing a video chat with them each week. Many of the LDS mission boundaries have changed, and changed again. Some have been discontinued and others have been added. A Mission Tracker organizer will help you keep track of your missionary much more easily.

A number of temples have been announced, with more on the way. The temple ceremony has been simplified is a beautiful relaxing couple of hours. These are just a few of the changes that President Nelson has made in the last couple of years and they are sure not to be the last. Be sure to tune in to April conference in a couple of weeks and see what else this sweet and inspired “old man” teaches us. Then take a deep breath, get your running shoes on and just try to keep up!