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"Eye Chart" Customized Vintage Wall Art FRAMED

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Product Details
This nostalgic looking eye chart conceals a secret – hidden within its stacked letters is your family name as well as the first names of your family members. GooseFeathers™ has created this fun, vintage piece to look great in any room. The first two rows are customary eye chart letters, but if people look a bit further, they will discover your family name and names of your family members. Standard measurements down the right and left sides add authenticity to the design. In the lower left corner is the warning, "NOTICE: Persons mentioned on chart should be viewed from a safe distance." Black print stands out against a distressed and aged looking background. Last names with four-six letters appear on one line. Names with 7-11 letters will be split over two lines.

Features and Customization:

•Aged vintage feel

•Large 16"W x 20"H print size

•Modern wood frame with black satin finish

•Protective Plexiglas sheet

“The ___ Family” hidden within the rows of letters (4 to 11 characters)

•First names of your family members (maximum 38 characters)

•Black print on creamy aged and distressed background

Make a statement with this classy and unusual piece. Order “Eye Chart” today!

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