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"Nice, Normal Family" Customized Art FRAMED

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“Nice Normal Family” is a unique way to keep track of family members whatever the reason they have left home. They can still be with you in this lighthearted, highly customized wall art from GooseFeathers™.

A central circle representing home base displays the words “Home Sweet Home,” and shows your name(s), state outline and city name. Fanning out from it are individual satellite circles for each child, connected to home with curvy dotted lines representing their life journeys. Each of the circles features the city name and state outline, as well as child’s first name. Your family name will be shown at the top, and across the bottom a humorous quote proclaims, "Remember - For all anyone knows, we’re a nice, normal family." Available in three color combinations.

Features and Customization:

•Family name printed at the top

•Central circle displays your name, city, outline of your state and “Home Sweet Home”

•Satellite circles display children’s state outlines, city names

•May show up to two first names per circle

•Curvy dotted lines connect each satellite to “Home”

•Humorous quote at bottom, “Remember – For all anyone knows, we’re a nice, normal family”

•Choice of 3 color combinations

•Minimum 4 satellites—maximum 10 (extra fee may apply)

•12”W x 12”H square print size

•Black wood frame with contemporary profile

•Protective glass

•Hanger attached

•Optional table stand included

“Nice Normal Family” makes a great gift for grandparents too. Don’t wait - order today!

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