Well dressed husband and wifeYou are probably aware, from the letters your sons, daughters, friends, or even parents send home that they are kept very busy and regularly have amazing experiences that test their mettle and increase their testimonies. But most of us don’t stop to consider the hard work that goes into keeping the Elders and Sisters healthy, busy, productive and happy on the other side of missionary work. Did you know that there are over 400-plus missions in the church? Each of those is staffed with a presidency, who with their wives will serve for three years or so, supervising up to 600 missionaries of many ages and descriptions.

Making the Sacrifice

Mission presidents are called from throughout the world, a few to places where they served when they were missionaries, but most to totally foreign lands. Many are working to learn a language on top of the overwhelming work of running the missions. They have left behind their children, grandchildren, lifelong
friends, and beloved homes to sacrifice for the Lord. Learning their responsibilities is a daunting task but they press forward with faith and determination.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Staff and presidencies work together to train up to 180 missionaries at any given time but may have close to 600 elders, sisters, and couple missionaries move through their area in the three years they are serving. Their families are to come first, but in addition to maintaining their own family relationships while they are away, they are responsible for organization, transfers, meetings, assigning companions and the physical and emotional care and feeding of all missionaries under their stewardship. We so appreciate the time, effort and sacrifices that are made by these great people who take seriously the heavy responsibility of helping our missionaries make the most of their time serving the Lord. We are so grateful for their willingness to accept the call.

Of course, we appreciate any who prepare to go on missions. If you have a friend or family member who has been called to serve, what better gift for their families than one of our LDS Mission Trackers? Hundreds of families have enjoyed using them to keep track of areas of service, companion names and
areas served in – perfect for yourself or as a gift.