When most people search for a missionary plaque, they usually have an image in their head of the golden plaques that hang on the Bishop’s wall in their ward building.  These plaques have been around since the 60’s, and often just show a specific state or country – not the actual mission boundaries.

For those looking to honor their missionary in a new and stylish way, the Mission Tracker is the perfect missionary wall plaque for you.  Not only do you get a nice hanging wall plaque with the name of your missionary, their picture, and the name of the mission where they are serving, but with a Mission tracker you get 4 things in 1!

  1. Area Cards – Area cards allow you to have your missionary’s current address front and center. This makes writing letters easy as anyone in the house knows exactly where to look to write your loved one a letter of encouragement or send a care package.
  2. Area Map – The area map shows the actual boundaries of the mission rather than just the state or country. The cork-backed map comes with area map pins (which match the color of the area cards) so that you can get an at-a-glance history of where your missionary has been and where they are currently serving.
  3. Mission Calendar – Every mom wants their missionary back as soon as possible, but now you have a way to mark each day off on a calendar! You can also slip current photos of your missionary and his or her companions in the clear pocket.
  4. Letter Holder – This feature is a great way to display the latest correspondence from your missionary (whether it is snail mail or email) so that friends or family that visit your home can easily take a quick peek at what has been going on in your missionary’s life. In addition, the pocket is clear so you can also use it to show off current photos that your missionary has sent you.

As you can see, the missionary plaques of old are…well, old!  Get a new and unique missionary wall plaque that will be a focal point of your home and that will more than honor your missionary who is out serving.