Map of LDS Mission Boundaries

Mission Boundary Changes

At LDS Mission Tracker, we strive to maintain accurate mission boundaries so that our maps are up to date. It was announced last spring that the boundaries of several missions would be changed beginning in July of 2018. We want to assure you that your orders will be accurate, and if a change should take place while your missionary is serving, we can help you with a new mission map. The changes will take the number of worldwide missions to 407 from 421. Some will be combined, and some missions will be brand new. With the change in age requirements, the church has already added 76 new missions to accommodate the rapid growth of 30,000 more missionaries. The surge has leveled out somewhat now and these adjustments, slightly reducing the number of missions, will allow better management of missionary resources

Adjusted Boundaries

Those currently serving in, or soon to be called to the following areas may be affected by the changes. Boundaries to be adjusted and possibly merged with adjoining missions include: Washington Federal Way, Utah Logan, Ukraine L’viv, Spain Malaga, Russia Samara, Romania-Moldova, Portugal Porto, Ohio
Cleveland, New York New York South, Mississippi Jackson, Mexico Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Reynosa, Illinois Chicago West, Illinois Chicago West¸ Greece Athens, England London South, California San Fernando, California Modesto, Bulgaria Sofia, Australia Sydney North.

New Missions Formed

In addition, newly formed missions will include: Brazil Rio de Janeiro South, Cabanatuan, Cote d’Ivoire Yamoussoukro, Philippines, Nigeria Ibadan, and Zimbabwe Bulawayo. Coming up shortly, mission presidents will receive information regarding the changes, as will parents of missionaries. Can you
imagine the joy as so many new investigators are taught and can accept the gospel? The doctrines don’t change, but it is nice that the administration and procedures to make it all happens are flexible and can change to better fit the conditions of the day.